Cooking Journal Entry Video

My BBQ Results

How did I do?

It wasn’t bad actually. I managed to keep my cooking temperature where I needed it; around 225ºF. My daughter and  cooked a rack of baby back ribs and a small pork shoulder. We kept our temperature for around 4 hours.

The door on the fire box had to be propped open to allow enough airflow to keep the heat at our desired temperature. The built in vents were not enough to allow the fire to keep burning.

We did end up using the mesquite wood. The smoke profile was not as potent as I thought it would be. I will definitely use something a little more impacting on the next cook. Of course the flavor of the meat was better the next day. That’s just the way it is.

The ribs and the butt were very tender, but not fall apart tender, which is too far cooked for me. I am  please with the way it came out. The weekends goal was to learn how to keep a steady enough temperature in my offset smoker to do a long cook. Perhaps I may try a brisket next, which would allow me to practice some seasoning.

There is a particular bbq flavor profile I am looking to replicate. It is the taste of the traditional Texas style brisket. You would think I’d know what I was doing being from Texas. But I was never the person cooking when it came to cooking brisket or anything else in a smoker or grill. I was the one at the table. I know what its supposed to taste like but, I never learned to do it.

I have a few rub recipes from school and a few I’ve collected online that may be good. The only seasoning on the ribs and butt was a little salt & pepper, and a little garlic powder. The aim was to keep it simple. It was good, but not what it could be. I think what I’m looking to produce is done with almost no salt. I’ll let you know the next time I have a go.



  1. Very nice. Looked like a relaxing day at the pit. I love it! Your ribs looked perfect to me! And as I understand it, a traditional Texas brisket is also just salt and pepper. I’m going to do one soon too, and like yourself, I haven’t quite decided on the rub yet. I’m leaning towards some Montreal Steak Seasoning. I hear that’s supposed to be really good. Anyways, liked your post here. Carry on good sir!


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