This year has brought many changes; Changes that have not been so positive for me. Two of those changes happened at my doctor’s office. They are under new management or ownership or something. Many of the doctors and nurses don’t like the changes. Because of this two of the physicians that quit in the last six months were doctors that I was seeing.

It happened the first time with a warning from the doctor I was seeing. She told me that she did not like the changes in the office and had found another job. So she recommended one of the other physicians whom she thought was really good, so I agreed to see her. To my surprised clicked. However, within three months she also quit for the same reasons. Just as we were beginning to make progress with my A1c this latest change added stress to my life. I could not even go over the latest results of my blood test. It has been four months and I have not even seen them.

Normally, I would just deal with such changes, but, losing two doctors within six months is just a little too much. So, a few weeks ago, I requested a new primary caregiver from my insurance company. I chose from a list of doctors & practices in my area that sounded like a good fit. So, I now have a new doctor.

I have already had my first visit. Of course, all we did was go over the medications that I was on and talk about the blood test that I did not know the result of. Hopefully, my records will be transferred promptly and I will be able to go over the results of my blood test with the new doctor.

I’m still hopeful that I had made progress. The latest A1C that I reported was from a home test that I got from Walgreens. I was desperate to know what my number was. So, hopefully, I will know the real deal soon.