Progress Journal

Pics are from 2013. I weighed 260 lbs

You don’t want to see what’s under that shirt. It’s disgusting. I have had some real trouble getting started on my journey. This picture was taken on September 10, 2013. Then on September 28, 2013, my mom passed away.

It is now June 19, 2014. After a difficult mourning period, and some depression, I started in the gym, now about 4 weeks ago. Those 4 shots at the top are my “before shots.” I suppose I will take photos in September since it will have been a year since I started this. And if I have not given up, I will continue to post photos once a month to show my progress. Hell, I might even take my shirt off at some point.

I am excited to be working out again. I am a retired Navy Vet so it gives me something to do every day. I really should be working but I haven’t wanted to do anything, let alone find a job. But I’m up; I’m started and I don’t intend to quit.

My next weight loss attempt➠