About Tony L. Tate

I am 50+ years old this year. I am overweight, have back problems, neck problems, legs hurt, feet hurt. I have arthritis. And I have no discipline. For the last few years, I have believed that the foods we eat make a great difference in the way we feel.

I have done a lot of reading and have been taught a lot about nutrition in school. I was a Culinary Arts student at the Culinary Institute of Charleston. I have also studied nutrition outside the school to further my education. So, I know what I should be doing. I’m just trying to get myself onto the right path to improve my health.

I realize that I’m talking lifestyle change, something I’m not even sure I have the power to do. However, I have entered into the battle and at least getting a few punches in. I still remember what it is like to feel good physically, and I would like to get some of that feeling back.

You are welcome to watch me succeed or fail. And I would love to hear your comments and feedback.