Progress Journal Pg 8


A little over two years, and I don’t look much different. I’d hoped to lose more weight in this amount of time, but I haven’t. I am only down 35 pounds since 2015. So, I have not reached my goal. I need to lose another 70 pounds. I am morbidly obese. I can look okay in clothing, and it is getting better every day. Things are moving slow.

A Little Recap

In 2015, I began doing the ketogenic diet after reading about ketosis. It worked like a charm, but it was hard to give up carbs, and it was just another diet that was unsustainable for me.

Before that, I had tried the raw food diet. It was great at first, and it made me feel excellent. Was it sustainable? Absolutely not! There were some great recipes and lots of books and websites on the subject. People were making some astounding transformations in their lives. I wonder how many of them were able to keep the weight off? I couldn’t continue the diet long enough to see any change. It was just too hard.

I did a high protein diet while working out in the gym in 2014. That was working a little, but I never lost all that much weight. I felt better until I aggravated my back injuries and shoulders. I ended up having neck surgery in 2016 due to my time in the gym.


About six months ago, I heard about intermittent fasting from a friend of mine. Fasting seems so much easier than following any diet. I do try to eat sensibly and primarily low carb. And I try to stay away from sugar, and I do pretty well at it.

By the time I started intermittent fasting, I had nearly regained all the weight I had lost in 2015. However, since I started intermittent fasting, I have re-lost most of that weight. However, the weight doesn’t fall off very fast. I am not gaining weight at all, but not losing any either. I am sure that I need to eat better when my eating window opens, which would probably help tremendously. Sometimes, I choose poorly. For instance, last night, I chose hot dogs and chips for my one meal of the day. If I were not fasting for 20 hours afterward, this kind of food would probably cause me weight gain.

I believe that intermittent fasting will be the thing that works for me. Fasting is easy, and I am more consistent with regular fasting than with anything I have done in the past. And even though I am not losing weight as fast as I would like, my blood glucose has been stellar! My insulin levels have been way down and my A1C much lower. That means I can control Type II diabetes without medication, and I think it could even reverse at some point.

So, that is where I am at this point. I feel good about what I’m doing, and I am slowly making better choices when I eat. I believe in the process.




  1. Well done 🙂
    I know it’s a slow old road, but it’s a slow road which has served you well so far, and it’s going in a great direction.
    You may not notice much difference, but I notice your cheekbones 🙂
    Here’s to the road onwards to the remaining 70lbs

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