Progress Journal pg 5

Well, today is August 1st, and begins the 21st week being on the keto-diet, well something similar anyway. The keto-diet is hard to get going, and stay on once you on. You see, there is and adaptation period to get your body into ketosis. I have managed to get into ketosis maybe twice so far. But then I’ll eat the wrong thing and I get kicked out. Ketosis is like an exclusive club where I keep getting bounced!

Being prepared is a tremendous key. I have not been as prepared as I could have been. I’m lazy. I don’t do meal preps like I should. I make sure the right foods are in the house, and no wrong foods to mess me up, and I just wing it. Probably not the best approach, but it sort of works. My problem comes when I’m away from my house, which seems to happen an awful lot lately.

I have been able to lose weight because low carb diets really work. But I want my body to learn to burn my excess fat for fuel. I don’t want to be a carb/glucose fueled body. I want to be a fat burner. I want to do the diet right, and feel all these great benefits I’ve been reading about.

I have lost 30.1 lbs so far. Not sure if I’m losing muscle mass or not. IF I do the diet correctly I shouldn’t lose and muscle mass.

I can barely see the outer changes in the photo above. But they are there; very subtle.. But I’ll take that for now until I get my shite together.

I’m doing pretty good in the gym. I think keto and the gym are a perfect combination. Well low carb diets and the gym are a good combination. But I want to  do the keto-diet and do it right.

Well, that about it for this update.

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