Progress Journal Pg 7

I didn’t feel like taking my shirt off for this. I haven’t posted pictures in a while. Personally, I cannot see the difference, but, there is some weight difference; about 17 pounds I think. It’s easier to see in the pictures below.

The belly is definitely shrinking. I don’t know about the fat in the face. Everyone says they can see more thinness in my face. I don’t yet. On the right, my weight is 229 lbs… On the left, 246 lbs…

I am still basically on the ketogenic diet. Maybe more of a low carb diet. The key difference is adding intermittent fasting. I usually fast for 18 hours a day and have an eating window of 6 hours. Making this adjustment in when I eat has made a huge difference. I am still studying the science behind it and will write more about it in the future.

It is way easier than I thought it would be. And, the more I do it, the better I feel, and, the more results I see. If you have not seen my post Delay, Don’t Deny, you should check it out. The book I posted about is a great read. If you are having difficulties losing weight, this may be a book you need to read.

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