Progress Journal Pg 6

I have now been on the ketogenic diet for 24 weeks, and have been back in the gym for about 4 weeks I think. Since having surgery on my neck to relieve pressure on a pinched nerve I have not had a problem in the gym. My strength is progressing like it should have two summer ago with no weakness or shoulder pain.

So far I am pleased with my progress. My only disappointment is that I had gained so much weight that it has to be an online project to make any progress. In the picture above I am down 38.1 lbs., yet, compared to the picture on the first page of this journal there is not much of a difference.

It has only been 24 weeks though. What is that, like six months? I have a total of 100 lbs. to lose. My goal is to weigh around 165-170 pounds. When I get there I don’t know how much excess skin I’ll have hanging around, so I’m not sure how I will be calculating body fat percentage. I will reach my goal, no matter what.

Mar-Aug2016_FotorThere is some difference to be seen in the picture to the right. The one on the left is from March of this year, at the beginning of the keto-diet. The difference is 38.1 lbs. On the right post-neck-surgery and 4 weeks in the gym. It’s not that I don’t understand that this will be a long process. I guess its just human nature to want it to happen quickly. In my 20’s before I was 100 lbs. over-weight, it was just a matter of increasing my exercise, and in a few weeks, I was back on track. I guess those days are long gone.

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