Progress Journal pg 3

My Keto Progress- May 25, 2016

This is me on May 25, 2016. I have been making a significant effort on the Ketogenic Diet. My beginning weight was 267 pounds on March 13, 2016. Visually, there is not much difference in my appearance in this picture vs. the picture on the previous page. As of the date of this picture however, I weigh 247 pounds, a 20 pound loss.

My weight has been fluctuating between 247 and 244 pounds for the last several weeks. I hope to break the plateaux soon.

I have not gone to the gym as regularly as I did in my first effort; mainly because I am afraid I may injure myself again. My shoulders have not completely healed since the last time. I do go 1-2 times a week and lift light weight, and as always, do cardio on the elliptical machine for 40 to 45 minutes.

I usually have plenty of energy and feel pretty good. I am also expecting a good report from my doctor on my next blood test.

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