Yes, I think about Suicide

I am tired of this world! I am tired of President Trump. I am tired of people who support him. I am tired of politicians who once opposed, and then, lost their back bone; Politicians like Linsey Graham. Linsey has his nose so far up Donald Trump’s ass, he doesn’t even shit his own turds.

I can’t take this anymore. I am tired of this world. I don’t want to be here anymore.

I suspect that some way, some how, Donald Trump will take the presidency. Whether it be legitimately or by cheating, he will take it.

I am tired of paying more taxes than the rich. I am tired of racism. I am tired of people who think black people are not as smart as others. I am tired of people thinking Trump is some kind of moral compass for this country. Are you kidding me?!!!!

Suicide? Yea, I think about it. I know it’s not the answer, but, I still think about it. With the covid-19 virus and the atmosphere that Trump has created, I am completely stressed beyond belief.

I am afraid for my children. I am afraid for myself. White supremacy has come out of the closet; out from the shadows. Trump has done nothing to discourage this type of thinking and behavior. In fact, it seems to have increased because of him.

This is the only reason I didn’t vote for Trump. His mouth makes him seem like an idiot. He spews poison. His speech is completely reckless. Had he been able to shut his mouth, stop tweeting, he would have gone down as one of the best presidents in history. However, he didn’t do that. Instead, he has alienated blacks, women, and many others.

Some people are able to overlook these short comings, but, I cannot. In my opinion, he MUST TO GO!

I am no longer in agreement with evangelicals. I am of the opinion that morality cannot be legislated. Unless people’s heart’s are changed, there will be no change. Prayer, as weak as it seems, is the only answer. We can’t make laws to change people’s behavior. It didn’t work for the Isrealites and will not work for us in this modern day.

Jesus? NOT violent! However, very forgiving. He is the ultimate human! He is the way, the truth, and Life. We can’t be better humans without Jesus. You can’t do it without Jesus!

I’m sorry. I’m not making much sense. Hatred is not the way. This has got to stop. Our lives depend on it.


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