New Tattoos

So, last week I got not one, but two tattoos! They are my first ones. Not that I am necessarily planning to get more tattoos. I’m just saying I took the plunge.

So, what did I decide was worthy of being permanently printed on my body? My kids’ names. Their nicknames. Gabe & Kat. I find Kat to be exceptionally wise at her young age. And Gabe shows great strength of character. I know they are young (in their 20’s) and that they will make plenty of mistakes. We all have. However, they are off to a great start.

A Week Later

The experience itself was like being carved with a knife. A week later, the challenge is to keep it clean and moisturized. It wants to be dry and a little itchy. The surface skin is a little sore still. I am hoping it looks as good as it did at first, without the swelling. I never knew they dried, itched, and peeled!

I think it was worth it. Sometimes people wait until friends or loved ones are gone to honor them with a tattoo. I just wanted to show my kids how proud I am they are in my life.


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