Waffle House

To me, there is no place that does breakfast better than Waffle House (for the price). And this morning was even better because one of my friends from Culinary school is working here. Her name is Amber.

Though she has completed her classes at Trident she has not graduated. That is because she is planning to get her 4 year degree. If she applies for graduation she would lose financial aid. She intends to get her degree in hospitality and management.

I am 4 classes away from completing my associate’s degree. I have no desire to go any further, though. I am not even sure I want to work in the food industry.  It’s hard to get paid what I think I am worth. But I’m in too far not to finish the degree.

Being 53 also makes it hard. I have applied for several jobs in and about the Charleston area, and have received no calls. And sometimes I think it is because of my age. I can’t believe that no one is hiring.

That in turn makes me feel old. It also makes me not want to try anymore. The other thing is (and this is scary), I don’t feel like I have the strength to do it, at least not for very long.

Anyway, it was good to see Amber working. She is young, motivated, and she has a plan. If only I could be young again.


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