Down 10 Pounds


I am down about 10 pounds this week. As I said before, my new medications are suppressing my appetite somewhat. Some of that is nausea but that is slowly subsiding. I am also researching foods and nutrition again to see if I can do better.

I have been working to eat the right stuff. And with the meds helping me it has been easier to stay on track. I even have plenty of the right foods in the house for now. I have said in other posts that it pays to be prepared. I am trying to be more prepared by having in the house what I need. It is much easier to stay on track when everything you need is available at your fingertips.

One of the things I have come across in my readings is lectins, which is a protein in several plant-based foods with the ability to wreck your gut health. I am talking about something called leaky gut syndrome. Some doctors (Dr. Gundry in particular) believe that leaky gut leads to a whole other host of health issues.

Hey, I need all the help I can get.  Dr. Gundry’s research offers some hope that I could get a lot of my health back, eliminate some physical pain, and even get off some of the medications I’m on.

So, I’m 10 pounds. I would like to continue losing weight. That in itself can improve a lot of my issues. It is not even about the looks anymore, or the clothes, or how attractive I may or may not feel. At this point, I would settle for feeling better and being healthier.

I’ve bought a couple of new books: The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease And Weight Gainand,

The Plant Paradox Cook Book: 100 Delicious Recipes To Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, And Live Lectin Free.

I hope to learn much more about the effects of lectins on my health and how to deal with it. I long to feel better, be healthier, and actually feel like I would like to live longer. If aging continues in the way it has gone so far, I am not so sure I would like to live longer. In the grand scheme of things, I would like to be around for my kids, meet my grandkids, and enjoy my life. At the moment, getting there and feeling good at the same time is a challenge.

Aging is not for cowards!



  1. I am proud of you. I know you can do this, Tony!

    Have you ever heard of orthomolecular diets? Not sure if I’ve translated that right of is that’s even a thing in the States, but it provides a healthy look on food and there’s tons of orthomolecular recipes that are both yummy ánd healthy.

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