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Another Surgery

IMG_0566Well, tomorrow morning I am having surgery on my left hand, another carpal tunnel repair. I had the right hand done last December. Right now my right wrist really hurts. I’m not sure what is causing it. I had thought it was driving the school bus. But nearly a month and a half on vacation, it still hurts. Maybe is the motorcycle riding. But I’m not giving that up.

I am still having issues eating right. I am trying to limit my carb intake. My doctor wants me to eat more proteins. I still try to consume more fats (the healthy stuff). What can I say? The high fat, low carb thing was working.

On a positive note, the results of my blood work looked better they have in the past. I still have some work to do yet. Of course, I will continue to fight. I won’t ever give up. Sometimes I just have to give it a break.

So, the surgery on the left hand should go off without a hitch and hopefully heal as well as the right hand did. The Doc said he believes the pain in my wrist could be tendonitis. Whatever it is, it hurts.

Well, I’m off to bed.

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The Holidays Are Gone!

No More Holiday Foods

I am really glad 2016 is over. I hate the holidays when it comes to food. It’s not the food I hate. It is knowing that everything I’m eating is nowhere close to being good for me. I really did try to stay out of the high carbohydrate dimension, but it proved to be an overwhelming difficulty for me.

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, I didn’t do so badly. I was mostly on the low carb side. Today I am all over it. I have bought my groceries for the month, and I am set to follow my low carb, high-fat diet very closely. This morning I had scrambled eggs with spinach and an uncured sausage made by Oscar Myer. It is a good start.

There are no more holidays coming up (at least not any that I plan to observe) that will derail me. On March 1, had I been able to stay on track, would have been a year on the low carb, high fat diet, or ketogenic. I had lost nearly lost 40 pounds with almost no effort. I have gained about 10 since Thanksgiving. Perhaps, if I had not gotten side tracked I could have reached my goal weight, or gotten pretty damned close. It was nearly 100 pounds that I set out to lose last March.

Now that the holidays are over, with all the high carbs and sugars that go with them, I am set to get some back on track. This is not a New Year’s resolution. This is something I set out to do around the time of my birthday last year (March 1). I am just continuing what I started. I will reach my goal. I will succeed no matter how long it takes. I will acquire the discipline in my life needed to reach my goal and stay healthy.

I wish you all great success in your endeavors this year. No one and nothing can stop you, except you. So let’s rock our perspective worlds and seriously kick some ass!

Happy New Year!

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There is NO CHEAT DAY!!

stomach_painI can NOT do it. I went to eat with my daughter yesterday; Chinese food. I had some carbs (I could’ve managed without). There was plenty of low carb stuff at this restaurant. I had some sweet fruit and a tiny piece of cake. No harm I think, right? But that is not the case!

My stomach has not stopped rumbling with false hunger pains. And they are a little more painful than actual hunger pains. I feel like a bottomless pit. If I didn’t know I’ve had a sufficient amount of calories today, I’d probably give in and eat more. Amazing how that works. I never understood it before. Its no wonder we all end up so fat in this day and age.

One thing that I have learned from being on this diet so far is that you can lose weight without ever being hungry. As long as I stick to the low carb high fat formula everything works out pretty damned good. The actual macros that I have been following are as follows: 10% carbs, 20% protein, and 70% fat.

The type of carbs I usually eat are green leafy veggies, like kale, collard greens and spinach. I also eat bulkier stuff like broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado. I use a lot of olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and a little butter to up my fat intake. I eat fatty meats like certain types of fish. Instead of chicken breast, I eat the dark meat, including the skin. Pork also has plenty of fat.

It’s really simple to follow and I hardly ever feel hungry. And, it works. There is no calorie counting. You eat the right percentages of the three macros until you’re satisfied and all is well. I have been losing weight pretty effortlessly for nearly 14 weeks. I don’t know why I would try anything different.

There will be no more cheat days, however. I can’t eat carbs ( not simple carbs). I can’t eat sweets (except maybe an apple or some other bulky fruit). It will probably take me a day or so to get back on track and my stomach feeling normal. This is a learning experience, and this lesson is forever imprinted on my long term memory, filed under painful lessons.