The Holidays Are Gone!

No More Holiday Foods

I am happy 2016 is over. I hate the holidays when it comes to food, and it’s not the food I hate. Knowing that everything I’m eating is nowhere near suitable for me is the issue. I tried to stay out of the high carbohydrate dimension, but it proved to be overwhelming.

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, I didn’t do so badly, and I was mainly on the low-carb side. Today I am all over it. I have bought my groceries for the month, and I am set to follow my low-carb, high-fat diet very closely. This morning I had scrambled eggs with spinach and an uncured sausage by Oscar Myer. It is a good start.

No more holidays are coming up (at least not any that I plan to observe) that will derail me. On March 1, had I been able to stay on track, it would have been a year on the low-carb, high-fat diet or ketogenic. I lost nearly 40 pounds with almost no effort and have gained about 10 since Thanksgiving. Perhaps, if I had not gotten sidetracked, I could have reached my goal weight or gotten pretty damned close. It was nearly 100 pounds that I set out to lose last March.

Now that the holidays are over, with all the high carbs and sugars that go with them, I am set to get back on track. This is not a New Year’s resolution. I set out to do this around my birthday last year in March. I am just continuing what I started. I will reach my goal. I will succeed no matter how long it takes. I will acquire the discipline needed to reach my goal and stay healthy.

I wish you all great success in your endeavors this year. No one and nothing can stop you, except you. So let’s rock our perspective worlds and seriously kick some ass!

Happy New Year!


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  1. I still didn’t quite escape holiday foods yesterday. In visiting friends and neighbors I still encountered holiday treats & sweets. However, I am on track today.

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