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200th Post

This is my 200th post. Unfortunately, I am reporting that I have been off my diet for a couple of days. Ever now and then I get these urges for high carb sugary foods. I can’t seem to resist when the urge comes. I have learned not to get upset when it happens. It’s just a thing that happens sometimes.

So 200! This is actually the first time I have made it to 200 posts, and this is my newest blog. ToneLovette may seem newer, but, it just took me some time to decide what the blog would be. Faithlovengrace is my oldest blog. However, as I’ve grown in this area of my life my mind has changed about a lot of things. Many of the post I have removed because I no longer believe what I had written. Faithlovengrace had been online since 2005 on its own server but has recently been moved to

I had hoped I would be reporting more success than I have accomplished in my 200th post. However, I have a long way to go to reach my goal. Perhaps by post 300 things will be different. Until then I will keep working.

Tomorrow I will be back on track with my diet. Even though I have been fairly consistent with it I still have not lost any more weight. I will have to make some adjustments somewhere. And I definitely have to figure out how to get more exercise.





Was a music major. Spent 20 years in the Navy Music Program. Lived in in Florida 10 years. Have been in SC for 7 years.

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