40,000 Miles

A milestone of sorts I suppose. I  hit 40,000 miles on my motorcycle today. I have had it for almost 11 years. Since April of last year, I have ridden 8,000 miles.

April 23, 2014 Broken Down on the side of the road

In April of 2014, the drive shaft broke. I had right at 32,000 miles at that point. It sat for a couple of years before being repaired. I didn’t think I had the money to repair it. I hadn’t even checked in to it. Some good friends arranged to have it repaired for me as a Christmas gift. It still wasn’t ready though. It was leaking oil.

So, last April I bought the parts I needed and repaired the leak myself. I have been riding ever since. Suzuki makes a good dependable motorcycle. I’m glad I bought it. My only issues have been the driveshaft and the oil leak. And those turned out to be minor issues. It needs a few other maintenance repairs. It shouldn’t be a huge deal though. I think it will take me several thousand more miles down the road.

One day I will get another, bigger bike. I don’t know what brand it will be. It will be much bigger than the one I have right now for sure. Today as I road across a couple of bridges I thought the wind was gonna blow me right over. It was a little frightening. I have ridden a bigger bike in some of the same conditions and circumstances without the fear of being blown down by the wind.

2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage

Harley Davidson seems like the logical choice. But there are also other bikes I like; the Indian Chieftain, the Honda Goldwing, the Triumph Rocket III. There are several of the HD models I like. They cost a lot more money, as much as my car in fact. So, I probably won’t be getting one until I pay off my car or get another job.

Anyway, just wanted to report my 40,000 miles and no accidents. I have had a few close calls, but thanks to the motorcycle class I took when I got my license, the strategies I learned made it possible for me to escape. I recommend taking a beginners course if you are thinking about taking up riding. And if you do ride already, take an intermediate course or an advanced course. It could save your life.


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