22 Pounds and Counting

Yesterday I did not go to the gym. I was just too tired. My shoulders were hurting; I mean really sore. I had a really tough chest workout on Monday, and the soreness was still with me on Thursday. So I went today with the intension of doing Shoulders and Arms, but when I got to the gym there were a lot of people. So, I did my 45 minutes of cardio first, to wait for the crowd to clear out.

I like doing cardio first sometimes because I have more energy. My average simulated distance on the elliptical machine is about 3.5 miles. That’s when I do cardio after weight training. When I do it before weight training I can usually go around 4.25 miles. But it also takes a lot out of me. Today I barely had enough left to do my shoulder workout.

As I said  earlier, I had intended to do both shoulders and arms, but, I didn’t have the energy for that. So maybe I’ll do some arm stuff here at home. I am also planning to start do ab workouts at home as well.

I also had a great leg workout this week too. On the leg press I was up to 470 pounds. I think I will get to 500 next week, maybe more. Calf raise I’m close to 200 pounds in training weight, and the calves are growing. I am also starting to see some muscle definition in my thighs. I gonna have some perty legs. The mid section is smaller but still looks awful. I gots me a big ole belly.

Anyway, I am down 22 pounds so far. I weigh 238 pounds. My weight hasn’t been this low since 2006. Every time I feel like I want to quit the scale tells me something good. It will serve as my motivation for next week.

My goal is still only, DON’T QUIT!!!! No matter what.


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