My Girly’s 50th Birthday


I just arrived back from a trip to North Carolina where I helped my “ladyfriend,” S, to celebrate her 50th birthday. We had a very good time. We celebrated with her Son and his wife and their two kids on Thursday and Friday. It wasn’t a party per se. We just hung out, played some games, and watched some TV and enjoy being together. Then, S and I went to visit her mother at Beech Mountain, NC.

I let my blood glucose get away from me for a couple of days. I didn’t get it back to normal until this morning. It took some fasting, of course. And it took some exercise. S’s mom and dad took us on a couple of good hikes. I couldn’t go far because of my pain issues, but,  I got some good exercise to help burn off that excess glucose.

I learned how important it is to watch what I eat, and, that it doesn’t take much to get the things out of whack. I also learned that there are certain foods I may have to give up for good. Pizza may be one fo those. It hurts me to even think such a thing. Of course, sugary foods are out, except for a few holiday occasions, and even then, limited to almost nothing. I have just accepted that sugar is just poison to the body.

I am back home now, in South Carolina, to face Dorian! Bring it, Bitch! Pray for us here.

I am still losing weight. Before I left for North Carolina I was down to 229 lbs. That’s the lowest since I began trying to lose weight in 2015 with a starting weight of 267 lbs. My goal weight is  165 – 175, 30-inch waist.

Intermittent fasting is working wonders. I will keep you informed.


Losing Weight


I’m losing weight but mostly because my new medications make me nauseous. So I don’t feel like eating most of the time. Seems like an awful price to pay, but at the moment, I guess its worth it to be able to keep my blood glucose levels within the normal range.

Normally, I am not eating things I should not be. However, it does happen. And that usually does not go well with the medications I am on. Add bloating and stomach pain to the already present nausea and you have a very unhappy Tony T.

So, because of those issues, it is like I am being trained to stay away from foods I should not eat. In a way, it is like being punished when I eat the wrong thing. In order to continue feeling okay, I try more intentionally to eat the right stuff.

My blood glucose levels have been way better I have to admit. I wish I had had the strength to do it without medications. However, I could not. So, here I am, diagnosed with a disease (diabetes) that contributed to my Mom’s death. It is a little scary. Only a little because of the unknown of what happens after death. I have been blessed in life, but I have had enough of a rough time that my last day in this life will be a welcome beginning to rest.

I know. That sounds rather dark. I am not depressed. I am not suicidal. I am just tired. I have great people in my life. My kids, my family, my friends, my girlfriend. With them, I am always having a good time and learning more about love every day.

So, losing weight can’t be too bad.  I could stand to lose about 70 pounds. If I could do that, it may ease some of my physical pain, which is substantial. I could possibly eliminate some of the medications from my life. Maybe I would have more energy. Wouldn’t that be great!

Anyway, that is what I have to report today. I hope you all are blessed in your own lives.

Happy New Year

Well, it’s 2019. I remember when I thought maybe the world would end by the year 2000 because of Y2K. I have long since given up on trying to know when the world will end. I think there are more important things in life.

Friends, family, and love are what life is all about. To love is to live. In fact, there is no real life without love. You are missing out on life without love.

I have spent the last week with family and friends in Texas and I have had a blast. And back in South Carolina where I live I have even more friends and family.

Friends are a must, and so is being a friend. I learned a long time ago that if you don’t show yourself to be a friend it is likely you wont have friends. And I have some great friends. I am surrounded by them. I can only hope that I will eventually be as good at being a friend as they are. I would not have survived 2018 without them.

And I don’t know what to tell you what you should do about love interest. I am mostly clueless. I am, however, starting the 2019 with someone I think is special. I have known her for nearly 30 years. She is one of the nicest people I know, and a really good friend.

So this year has the potential to be one of the best of my life. It is certainly one of the best beginnings. I am looking forward to seeing it unfold.

I hope everyone has a great year in 2019. We all need something good in our lives. The world in general needs something good to happen. May blessings and good fortune follow you all.

Happy New Year!