Day 15 – Shopping

imagesYesterday I went shopping. I know I said I didn’t get paid for a few more days in my last post, but, I have a target red card with a $200 limit. It serves as my life preserver for months when my budget doesn’t cover the food I need for the month. It is also written into the budget so it is paid off at the beginning of every month.

So I picked up some stuff for the week at target including lots of fresh vegetables, whole grain bread, cereal, and chicken breast. I don’t use milk for my cereal. I use almond milk, a non dairy product. Cow’s milk gives me a bad time. I may be lactose intolerent. So I’m set for the week. I wont have to resort to the bad foods I have been eating to get by.

I did not exercise for the last couple of day. I have a shoulder injury that is causing some significant pain. I have an appointment next week with the doctor. He’d actually seen me two weeks ago, but of course that day there was no pain. So I am schedules to seem him again to have another look. It has been really bad this week. Yesterday was the worst. I almost went to the ER it hurt so badly. It’s a little better this morning. The last time the doctor looked at it though (my x-ray) he didn’t see anything that would be causing me pain. I wish he couldn’t had my shoulder to deal with as his own this past week.

Well that’s about it.


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