Day 12 – Affordable Nutrition or Not

dfba1913d683031e1097ba89b8d3f1cfIt’s day 12. Yesterday (day 11) I ate mostly fruit. There were some other things that were not so good for me. But at least I wasn’t bloated when I went to bed. At least I didn’t feel that way.

I saw a video clip on CNN, the CEO of Panera Bread was taking the food stamp challenge; trying to live off the typical allotment of food stamps received by people in need. He found it very difficult to 1) get enough food for the week with the amount of stamps he received. 2) get the right kinds of foods for health. He mentioned how differently (not in a good way) he felt because he had to consume so many carbs, and not the good kind.

Has anyone noticed that bad carbs are about the only thing  you can afford when you’re on food stamps? Or like me, not quite there, but, not enough money to afford better quality foods.

Why is it that the stuff that is good for you cost way more than the cheap stuff that will keep you alive only to slowly kill you in the end?

This morning I have not eaten. I’m trying to make my oatmeal last another few days. I am going to have some right after I finish writing here.

I have on hand sandwich meats(turkey), whole wheat bread, dried red beans, some frozen veggies, grits, about 1/2 dozen eggs, and of course oatmeal. I get paid in just over a week. I’m on a monthly, very fixed budget.

Oatmeal is the best. It last a long time in the belly. It is nutritious. I don’t add a ton of sugar, just barely enough to make it “not bland.” I like oatmeal. It’s inexpensive and good for you.

The turkey meat is so salty though, it almost burns your mouth. I also have cans of sardines. Also very salty. Not so good for you. I’m slowly trying to ween off this type of stuff.

This is what I can afford. This is what I am working with. Still exercising though.


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