2 Strong Reasons to Keep Moving Forward

I am seeing a change in my attitude and priorities. After my cheat day mishap with my daughter several weeks ago in a Chinese restaurant, and the struggle not to exceed more calories than I should afterward because of false hunger, I realize I do not ever want to go off this diet.


Number one, I don’t like feeling the way I did. That whole “resisting hunger” thing really sucks. And it lingers for a day or so. Your stomach doesn’t feel quite right for a few days. Second, feeling satisfied is my new norm. I love the way my stomach feels when I eat the ketogenic way. And knowing that I can go 4 to 5 hours without having to worry about hunger and grabbing convenience (fast) food is even more of a comfort.

Never before on any diet, I’ve tried in the past have I ever preferred the way of the diet! This is a first. And if this continues I will no doubt reach my goal weight. And if I have not said on this blog what that goal is, it is 167 pounds, a loss of 100 pounds total.

I don’t say that part out loud very often. I like to take it in bite-sized chunks. My current or immediate goal is 25 pounds. I have already reached my first goal of 25 pounds in just under 3 months. I know they won’t all fall at that rate,  but they will all fall.

At this point, I am very excited about what is happening with the changes I am trying to make permanent. I think the ketogenic diet is working because it consists of foods I already enjoy eating. I just wasn’t eating the right proportions. I was already consuming carbs, proteins, and fats. Now that I know how much of each of these works for me, along with knowing the right KINDS of carbs to eat,  I am beginning to see a little success, and, for now, that is enough.


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