One Year

It has now been a year since I began my weight-loss quest. My starting weight 1 year ago was 267 pounds (121.1 kg). Today I weigh 247.9, a 19.1 pound loss.

Primarily I used the Ketogenic diet, a low-carb, high-fat diet. It was easy enough to follow. Fatty cuts of meat, lots of olive oil and fatty fish, and a lot of green leafy vegetables made up my daily meals. It worked like a charm, but it turns out that carbohydrate addiction is a real thing.

I was doing fine right up until the Christmas holidays. Well, actually the trouble began at thanksgiving. Then after Christmas, it seemed I could not stop eating carbs. I had lost nearly 40 pounds up until that point in time. I have not given up though. I won’t give up.

I have been able to stave off more weight gain just knowing the effects that carbohydrates have on my body. Avoiding carbs was not the real problem though. Reaching the levels of fat required for the diet was the real challenge. It is not a high protein diet, so you can’t get the fat you need from meats because protein can be converted to sugar and counteract one of the great benefits of the diet, low blood sugar.

My mother had diabetes. My sister has diabetes. I don’t want diabetes, though it may be too late for me. I still fight though. I have heard of people being able to reverse this condition just by changing their diet. Changing one’s diet is a difficult challenge though.

As I begin this new year in pursuit of my health I am still working to break the addictions of the high carbohydrate diet that has been recommended over the years. I still cannot get over the fact that the high carb diet is still widely recommended and followed.

That is my update.

One comment

  1. Anything that’s become an automatic reaction to us is hard to break. I respect your willpower to break the pattern of your old diet and implement a new one. It’s a tough struggle, but I am convinced you’ll make it! Just don’t forget why you’re doing this 🙂

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