Sinus Infection


In March I had an ear infection. I underwent a round of antibiotics. Then I got sick for the week of Spring break. And then I got a sinus infection. So I have been sick for a few weeks, which has never happened in my life.

So I’m on another round of antibiotics to clear the sinus infection. My doctor also instructed me to use a product called NeilMed Sinus Rinse. I was very hesitant to use it. It involves a saline mixture being squirted into one nostril and flowing out of the other. It didn’t sound pleasant.

However, after using the rinse I felt so much better. I also saw stuff come out that I couldn’t blow out into a tissue. And I didn’t get a headache after doing it. In fact, it felt so good when I finished I immediately did it again.

So I will be glad when all of this has cleared up. I have been feeling awful for several weeks and I’m really tired. My doctor also told me I need to wear a mask to block dust on certain parts of my school bus route where there are dirt roads. They are pretty dusty and may have contributed to my infection.

I’m feeling better already.

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