Motorcycle Update

2018 Lowrider

A few posts ago I was saying how I wanted a Harley-Davidson Lowrider. However, after going down to the HD dealership I found that the bike was not a good fit. I felt very cramped. The foot controls put my legs in more than a 90°. I am used to my feet being much more forward. On the new Harley, I really felt unstable as I rode, like I could maybe fall off. I don’t actually think that was possible though.

2018 Softail Heritage

So now I’m still searching bikes; other Harley-Davidsons actually. There are several that I like. One, in particular, is the 2018 Softail Heritage. It is on the same Softail frame as the Lowrider, but the foot controls are more forward fitting. It does have an option of a bigger engine, which I would probably get. It also comes with saddle bags and a windshield which make it look like a bigger bike. So the bike will probably be more comfortable for me and have much more power.

If I find that I don’t like this one I guess the search goes on. I’m not ready to make a purchase just yet anyway. It will probably be around 8 months from now, at least I hope so. For now, my current bike (2007 Suzuki Boulevard M-50) will do.

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