Low Energy Problems Today

Today I had a great chest workout. I didn’t have much shoulder pain after warming up. I was able to  press 70 pounds on dumbbell bench press, my heaviest weight yet. I followed that with incline bench press, machine flies, straight arm dumbbell pullover, and decline chest press. And I had plenty of gas in the tank for my 45 minute cardio workout.

I think yesterday I had just used everything I had in my leg workout. It was quite a heavy workout. There simply wasn’t anything left. Today I had mad energy. My cardio was a breeze. However, my legs are really, really sore.

I was looking at myself in the mirror and overall I am much smaller. My belly and butt are shrinking. I’m starting to get some definition in my quads. There is less fat on the legs. I am very happy with what is happening.


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