A Quick Update

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything. So I will give a short report on my current state. A few things have changed with work, my pain level, but, oddly enough, not my weight.

I had been so busy working (driving for Uber) that I had little time left for blogging. Perhaps things would be different if my blog made money, but it doesn’t—anyway, my pain. I worked so many hours per day that it caused my neck and back to produce much pain, and I experienced some sciatic pain in both legs down to my feet.

I don’t know if the sciatic nerve caused the pain in my feet. At one point, I thought I might have a bunion. When I googled bunions, I hoped that was not the case. The fix for a severe enough issue was surgery, and I did not wish to do that. At any rate, my pain was so intense that I decided to stop driving. I still have a lot of back pain, but getting out of the car for 8+ hours seemed to alleviate the pain in my feet. I still have significant back and neck pain.

I am still fasting to control my blood glucose and my A1C. Yes, it is still effective. Fasting also effectively keeps my weight from increasing. Sometimes I lose a little, but for the most part, it remains steady. If I was disciplined enough (or could afford) to eat better quality foods, I might lose some weight. Right now, that is not my reality.

I have been home, not working for nearly two months. It has not been easy financially. However, there has been a positive development. I have more time to practice my saxophone, and I have made significant improvements with more time for practice. Playing the sax can be painful, and I can’t play it every day. Sometimes it agitates my upper back, and many times, it increases the pain in my neck.

While in the Navy, I was a musician. For 18 and half years, I played in ceremonial bands, small ensembles, and marched in long parades, all with a chunk of metal hanging from my neck. I’m not sure how much an alto, tenor, or baritone sax weighs, but they are not so light, especially while marching a parade or standing for a long ceremony. As satisfying as it was, being a Navy musician is the probable cause of much of my pain.

Anywho, despite my pain, I have improved my skills on the horn. And I enjoy playing very much. I have recorded my progress with audio and video, and I have posted some recordings on Youtube, and also on my music blog, tonelovette.

I don’t know what I can do about work/money yet. Hopefully, I will figure it out soon. The amount of income directly affects the quality of foods I consume. Currently, my options are very limited.


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