When I Am Bored…

And want to Eat… What can I do instead?

If you have been reading my blog as of late, you know that I have been doing intermittent fast for the past 3 months or so. And the schedule I find easiest to stick to is 18:6. That is, I fast for 18 hours and I have a window of 6 hours where I eat my meal(s) ; meals if I can manage to eat more than one in that window. I try to time it so that my window falls in the evening. That makes it easier for me because bedtime comes soon after.

1148c694-2527-498b-bb87-d88a365463bd-99c5e866-112b-457a-b788-380ee2e66059-v1So, I spend at least 8 of my fasting hours asleep (hopefully). By the time I manage to crawl out of bed and get showered and ready for work (Uber), I have been fasting for 12-13 hours. Once I get busy driving it is very easy to work through any hunger waves for a few hours. Before I know it I have successfully completed my 18 hours of fasting.

There are times I don’t plan it quite right and I have nothing to do during my fast. Then times are tough. I try to find things to do but I seem to fail. I have gone to such lengths as to not have food in the house, NONE! That doesn’t work either. The grocery store is not far away and neither are several choices of fast food.

114e2774-9ce4-454d-9b73-992c723ee11d-99c5e866-112b-457a-b788-380ee2e66059-v1I could go out and ride the bicycle or go for a walk. Oh, wait, my back pain does not allow that. Actually, I can manage the bicycle for a while. However, the will to actually make myself do that is nonexistent. When I do ride the bicycle it takes me 3-4 days to recover. The resulting pain is not sore muscles. It is a sign of many injuries in my joints. Truthfully, I feel it is not worth doing the exercise, but I try to make myself do it anyway.

I could practice the saxophone but there is still the issue of pain. The sax weighs enough to cause pain and fatigue. And I don’t enjoy it as much as riding the bicycle.

So, what to do when I’m bored is a tough problem to fix. When I  do fail, and I fail a lot, it doesn’t ruin my diet because it is not a diet. It does give me guilt. If I start eating during my fast it’s simple. The fast is over. When I’m done eating. I begin my fast again.

44ca2abc-efb8-43a6-8fcf-3867c2d5e4ea-99c5e866-112b-457a-b788-380ee2e66059-v1This does slow my progress in losing weight. However, the benefits to my blood glucose seem very, veRY!.. looong lasting! It has normalized since I began fasting about 3 months ago. And that is enough to keep me very encouraged to keep at it. As my blood glucose levels continue to improve I believe weight loss will come. And each time my window opens, I do find myself making better food choices. And I can even sneak in a little dessert sometimes without my glucose level shooting through the roof.

I think keeping yourself busy with good activities is a major key to keeping things under control. As I keep retraining myself it should get easier. At least that’s the hope. If not I’ll just keep plugging along.

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