One Day At A Time

img_0272Oh my God, this is so freaking hard! What? Being at home and not stuffing my face with food. I am so sick of this crap! I need to be able to get out of the house and back to work.

It is no wonder people are starting to protest. Running out of money, missing house payments, car payments, and yes, sitting in the house being so bored you’re constantly eating. BECAUSE OF PURE BOREDOM!

I wish I had more discipline, but, I don’t. I lack the will power. It has been very bad. Very hard. I have gained 15 pounds. My back hurts because of that 15 pounds. And my bp is going up.

I am still fighting to get control. I know I have to take it one day at a time. And so, I have begun yet again today. I managed to fast until dinner time. And that will be it today, because I have nothing else cooked and no snacks or fast foods available o me. And I plan to keep it that way.

One day at a time. Hopefully, I will be disciplined enough to last until this is all over. More so, I hope to create a long-lasting habit. Fasting had been so good for me. I was feeling great. I was losing weight. And my blood sugar was normalized. Actually, it is still normal. I’m just gaining weight, and, the blood pressure thing.

I have no long term goal. My goal is to make it to and through the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that,.. You get the idea.


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