Being Stuck At Home

Uber has not come out and said drivers should not be out driving. At least, I haven’t received communication that I am aware of. However, I stopped driving a little over three weeks ago. I wasn’t that worried about catching or surviving the virus myself, but, I didn’t want to potentially spread the virus without knowing it. So, I stopped.

IMG_0354Being in the house all day has presented me with some challenges though. When I was driving I was out of the house most of the day, making it easy to follow my fasting regimen. Now, when I run out of things to do it is very hard to avoid stuffing my pie hole. And I love sticking pie in my pie hole.😂

I have gained weight. The suddenness of being back in the house, I was not prepared. It has taken me until this week to begin to get myself under control. Even still, I have not been able to shake my newly re-acquired habit of eating ice cream, or some other sweet stuff on a nightly basis. This is not good for me. I will get there because I am determined to do so.

So, I have managed to get back to fasting nearly 18 hours a day. This week my diet has been mostly beans, peas, and rice, with a few chicken wings and homemade pizza thrown in there.

IMG_0632The beans and rice are my go-to foods when there is a crisis, such as happens during hurricane season. In this case, the COVID-19 pandemic. Beans and peas are nutritious and cheap. I bought loads of dried beans and bags of rice. I can buy other things as needed, such as produce needed for cooking the beans and rice. There are several recipes to choose from.

I also stocked up on bags of flour and dry active yeast. I don’t make it often, but, I like homemade bread, and, pizza, as I’ve mentioned. Actually, I am kind of obsessed with trying to make the best pizza crust I can. I’m getting pretty good at it. Pizza is definitely easy and cheap to make. It is also one of my favorite foods.


Also, hamburgers are one of my go-to’s as well. Of course, all the bread disappeared from the grocery store shelves when this all started. I could not find the usual hamburger buns. Then I thought about the fresh bread, crescents, Italian bread, brioche buns, and rolls that Walmart usually has on hand. Not many people think about this option when the regular stuff runs out. It is an excellent alternative. It does not last as long because it doesn’t all the preservatives. I guess you could freeze it until you use it.

Walmart usually has some amount of grass-fed, organic options left after everyone has come through and grabbed up the cheaper stuff. What is left cost a little more, but, it is better for you. I live alone so, I can indulge. My burgers have been fantastic.

So, though things have been a little more difficult, as far as fasting (because of being home), I am starting to get myself under control. I hope like the rest of you that this does not last too much longer. This will take patients.

May the Lord bless you all. My prayers go out to your families. Please pray for my family. I have at least one elderly Uncle who may have contracted the virus. I am praying for him even as I sit here writing.✟


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  1. thank you for your kind thoughts, and of course i hope your family and in particular your uncle pull through this strange and worrying time.
    Well done on bringing yourself back in line, so difficult to do, but you did it 🙂

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