Guess What? Chicken Butt!

Pretty sure I am lactose intolerant. I had milk with dinner last night and have been up ever since, in and out of the bathroom. I have been cramping and generally not feeling well. I have gas pain in my lower gut. Everything inside me seems to have been liquified.

My large intestine hurts all the way to my Chicken butt. If I could see it, I’m sure it would be glowing red cuz it burns like hell.

I don’t think I will be consuming any more milk or other dairy products in the future. The pain is too great. I think my intolerance is getting worse as I get older. This is the worst reaction I have ever had. I haven’t been in this much pain because of something I ate or drank for a very long time.

I think I may require a 24-hour fast just to clear my system. Besides, I need to really get on track as far as healthier food choices. I believe I can get a little closer to my goal weight if could cut out the absolute crap that I eat. Half of the time I don’t even truly desire the things I eat.

For sure, I must avoid Chicken butt and foods which cause it. The pain is not worth it. And besides, didn’t I just finish bragging about the “state of my body” in the last post? God!!!

Anyway, it’s Monday morning and it’s time to start fresh.


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