Pressured To Eat?

When I first decided to embark upon intermittent fasting, there was a question (one of many) in a book I read called Delay, Don’t Deny by Gin Stephens. The question was, “How will I handle social situations where I feel pressured to eat but don’t want to eat?”

Actually, I hadn’t thought about it. I would have to set my mind long before I ever landed in this scenario. I have done it before. Being at a social gathering and not partaking in eats and drinks can be pretty dull. I have learned over the years to associate food with formal and informal gatherings. So, when I’m in a situation where people are socializing, eating, and drinking, there is some pressure, but it is not from the people gathered there. For me, being in the scenario IS the pressure.

In the book I read, Gin talks about how other people react when they find out you are intermittent fasting. They think it is extreme and immediately assume you have an eating disorder. Truthfully, that can happen. The lifestyle is not recommended for teenagers and younger children for this reason. Also, their bodies are still developing. So, I guess there are legitimate reasons for people’s concerns.

At 60 years, I couldn’t care less about what people think about the lifestyle I choose to live. I can easily navigate a social gathering if I set my mind to it. The reason is that I can choose to partake in food and drinks or choose not to partake. I can do whatever I choose because I can fast the next day.

Once I’ve decided I’m not going to eat, I am fine. In fact, when I’m in that situation and feel hungry, I consider it a badge of courage. And hunger is just a sign that I’m about to give my body the opportunity to switch to another fuel source, fat. From experience, I know that I will have plenty of energy after the hunger passes.

I used to fear getting hungry. When I was young, I never understood that my body could go long without food. If I was gonna miss a meal, I would feel nervous. I had never gone past hunger before. With fasting, I have learned not to be afraid or even think about food as an immediate necessity. If I wanted to, I could go for several days without eating.

It is not difficult to deal with pressure, whether from people, myself, or my circumstance. I’ve already made up my mind.



  1. If you’re feeling pressure to eat because of social situations, fast the next day. It’s okay to feel hungry at times, just remember that you can fast the next day and still have plenty of energy.
    Emily Johnson Davis

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