Hard Headed

I have been going to physical therapy for a couple of weeks. The pain in my shoulders have not decreased. And I am not helping matters. I when I go to the gym I can not resist lifting weights. It causes me more pain even when I lift light weight.

I lifted some very light weight last week, and yesterday, and my shoulders still hurt. I haven’t told my therapist that I am still trying to lift. Don’t think I will, but, I think I’m done lifting for a while. I will ask them when I can lift again.

Well, I’m off to do some cardio.


Dealing With My Pain Issues

I went to the gym today. I did things I probably should not have been doing. I did bench press and military press, and a few other things. I couldn’t resist. I don’t want all this work I’ve done since summer to go to waste. I have worked hard and I don’t want to quit. After doing a light workout with the weights I did my usual 45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine.

I am in physical therapy for my shoulder pain. The pain had steadily increased since the summer. Finally it got to the point I had to see a doctor about it. Of course they start with x-rays, physical therapy, and if that doesn’t work, maybe shot of something that will relieve the pain. Finally, if none of that works, perhaps an MRI, then surgery to repair whatever is causing the pain.

While in the navy I don’t remember ever having a shoulder pain. It was always my back. And I don’t remember ever hurting my shoulders. They just started to hurt one day, before I ever went to the gym, and continued to get worse.

My hope is that they can be strengthened through PT, and no surgery will be required. I was really on a roll getting in shape. I would like to see it through to completion.

At a Full Stop

I haven’t been to the gym to actually lift weights in a couple of weeks. My shoulders have gotten so bad that I can barely use my arms. I started physical therapy last week. They gave me some exercises to do. At first it seemed like it was helping, but now I’m not sure. They hurt worse than ever.

I have PT today. Hopefully it gets better. Although I have been 3 times a week to the gym for cardio, I have gained 6 pounds. That’s because I have never really gotten my eating fully under control. I will have to if I want to keep from gaining all the weight back.

Ah, life when you get older, so much fun! Aging! It’s not for cowards.