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Finally A New Bicycle

Yesterday, I picked up my new bicycle. I got a Specialized “Cross Trail.” As implied by the name of the bike, it is made to cross from street travel to some off-road cycling. My last bike was also made by Specialized but it was not made for any such function. It didn’t hold up to the punishment I was putting it through. I still have it. I needs an extensive overhaul, which would cost near as much as just replacing the bike. So, I did.

I have always like the shifters and deralers on these bikes from Specialized. However, my favorite thing about this bike are the hydrolic-disc brakes. This bike has more stopping power than I have ever experienced on a bicycle. Previous brake styles have worked well, but this is a whole new level of braking for me on a bicycle.

And who doesn’t like getting something new? I know I do. Some of you might be wondering, “can he even ride a bike with all the bodily pain he complains about?” The answer has always been yes. I have never been without a bike in my adult life. I have always enjoyed bicycling. Not on a level that other more serious bikers do, but, serious enough that I will always have a bicycle and will always ride.

Bicycling does cause some discomfort but not nearly the kind of pain that other exercises can cause. I will probably always love bicycles. It is the one exercise activity that I can still do. Plus, its a lot more fun than most exercises.

I have not even had the opportunity to ride it yet though. With the amount of rain we have had here in the last several weeks it has been impossible. I have barely been able to ride my motorcycle in the last 6 weeks or so because of weather. I hope things will clear up soon. I’m am really tired of the bad weather.

Anyway, I hope to get started riding soon.

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My Heart Rate During Exercise

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.59.26 PMDuring the first week I thought biking would be easier to start with since I have not been exercising for a while. I was hitting the peak zone for long periods; like between 140-160 bpm (according to my fitbit anyway). That’s not a fat burning zone. It’s not even a cardio zone. That is the stress zone. So I have not been back on the bike since the first week. I have stuck just walking.

At times in the beginning walking took up to about the 130 mark. This week I have noticed that my average bpm is between 107-118. That is a lot better. I’m guessing that it is maybe because I have lost a little weight or the exercise itself. I also wonder if it is because of the diet. I have not eaten anything that has spiked my blood sugar in nearly 3 weeks.

At any rate it is encouraging. That in itself seems promising to me. My only complaint is joint pain. I feel like I need an oil change or something, or a lube job (shut up!angry runner). My knees feel like I’m missing some cushion. My shoulders still hurt a bit from two summers ago. And my back?..doing its usual. And of course there is still the neck pain. But I can’t give up because a little pain. I will not!


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Cheat Day!

Well this I my second week on the new diet. Had my first cheat day yesterday. I wasn’t feeling all that great afterward, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Cheat day is the day I get to eat anything I want without restrictions.

I bought a new scale the day before yesterday and got a whole different weight than I did with my old scale. There was a 15 pound difference, and not in my favor. So I think I actually weighed a lot more when I started last week, and I don’t really know what the starting weight was.

So the day I got the new scale I weighed in at around 267. After yesterday’s cheat day I currently weigh a little over 263 lbs. So though I’m not sure what my starting weight was I feel like the diet will actually work for me.

I got lots of exercise helping Gabriel, my sophomore in college, move in to his new apartment in Spartanburg. He lives on the third floor of the building. It’s a good thing he didn’t have a lot of stuff. We climbed those stairs for an hour or so. Now if I could duplicate this workout 3 times a week I would be good to go. I need to get my bicycle running again.

On the way back from Spartanburg I was not paying close attention to where Kat, my 17 year old daughter, was driving and we ended up in Georgia somewhere. That added two hours to our trip home.

Then on the way, we came across a bar called Lucky’s Burger Shack, only we didn’t know it was a bar. We found it on Yelp. The food was really, really good though.  And Kat was just a little too excited about being inside a bar. Technically I guess it was a restaurant and bar, but it was definitely the place where people came to hang out on Saturday nights.

Well, I guess it was a pretty adventurous weekend. Looking forward to the second week on this diet. I’m expecting significant losses.