My Heart Rate During Exercise

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.59.26 PMDuring the first week I thought biking would be easier to start with since I have not been exercising for a while. I was hitting the peak zone for long periods; like between 140-160 bpm (according to my fitbit anyway). That’s not a fat burning zone. It’s not even a cardio zone. That is the stress zone. So I have not been back on the bike since the first week. I have stuck just walking.

At times in the beginning walking took up to about the 130 mark. This week I have noticed that my average bpm is between 107-118. That is a lot better. I’m guessing that it is maybe because I have lost a little weight or the exercise itself. I also wonder if it is because of the diet. I have not eaten anything that has spiked my blood sugar in nearly 3 weeks.

At any rate it is encouraging. That in itself seems promising to me. My only complaint is joint pain. I feel like I need an oil change or something, or a lube job (shut up!angry runner). My knees feel like I’m missing some cushion. My shoulders still hurt a bit from two summers ago. And my back?..doing its usual. And of course there is still the neck pain. But I can’t give up because a little pain. I will not!



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