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Another Surgery

IMG_0566Well, tomorrow morning I am having surgery on my left hand, another carpal tunnel repair. I had the right hand done last December. Right now my right wrist really hurts. I’m not sure what is causing it. I had thought it was driving the school bus. But nearly a month and a half on vacation, it still hurts. Maybe is the motorcycle riding. But I’m not giving that up.

I am still having issues eating right. I am trying to limit my carb intake. My doctor wants me to eat more proteins. I still try to consume more fats (the healthy stuff). What can I say? The high fat, low carb thing was working.

On a positive note, the results of my blood work looked better they have in the past. I still have some work to do yet. Of course, I will continue to fight. I won’t ever give up. Sometimes I just have to give it a break.

So, the surgery on the left hand should go off without a hitch and hopefully heal as well as the right hand did. The Doc said he believes the pain in my wrist could be tendonitis. Whatever it is, it hurts.

Well, I’m off to bed.

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Trying To Get Back on Track

I haven’t been to the gym for over a week. I haven’t been feeling well. In fact, I had a sore throat last night. And I haven’t been eating right. I know I have probably gained all my lost weight back.

I’m hoping my laziness isn’t trying to move back in on me. I don’t want to be fat anymore.

Just realized that the gym isn’t open tomorrow because of Labor Day. So that’s another day I don’t get to go. The longer I don’t go the more of a chance I won’t ever go back.

Maybe I really needed the break. My shoulders had really been hurting throughout the workouts. Maybe I needed to give them more of a break than I was planning.

Well I guess it will be Tuesday before I get back.