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Time to Go Again

I have begun the master cleanse today. It is also called the lemon aid diet. My plan is to at least make through day 10. And if I can go a little farther that would be good too.

It is a way to detox and launch a better diet afterward. The detox is not for weight loss. It’s just a way to detox the body. After detoxing then my quest will be to try to lose some weight. I’m in so much pain now that I am miserable. My hips, my back, my shoulders, my neck; it’s too much for me.

I figure I’m to heavy for my frame, and if I can drop a few pounds I might feel better. My current weight is 260. I am 5′ 8.” I have degenerative disc disease which causes me a great deal of pain. And since my back surgery in 2010 I have acquired hip pain. I don’t know how they are connected but the surgery seemed to cause it. Of course it may be that after the surgery I gained a lot of weight, which probably contributes to the hip pain.



Was a music major. Spent 20 years in the Navy Music Program. Lived in in Florida 10 years. Have been in SC for 7 years.

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