Master Cleanse Day 2

So far I haven’t felt any discomfort, despite having extreme loose bowls. I used the salt water rinse this morning which produced more water from my butt. I have had about 3 glasses of my special lemon aid. I just had a pretty good hunger pain so I’m about to make some more.

Once I make it through at least 10 days of this I would like to transition to a much better eating habit.

I don’t know whether it had anything to do with it but, I feel much better today than I have all week, and I only began yesterday. I back is much more relaxed, and in general I feel more relaxed.

I also purchased yesterday some tea which is supposed to give you a daily detox. It smells like liquorish. The taste isn’t too bad. I think hot liquids help with the hunger. I didn’t see any harm to adding this tea to the master cleanse.


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