Threat To My Fitness

I was not able work chest today. My right shoulder was in such pain there was no way I could lift. So I ended up doing legs instead. Hopefully I’ll  be able to do it tomorrow. But if not I will have to skip it for a few weeks maybe.

There always seems to be something threatening my fitness success.  The last time I was in the gym (2005) I had to be helped out of the gym. While doing leg press I hurt my back. That was pre-back surgery.  I had a lower lumbar fusion in 2010, but, that’s a story for another time. This time its my shoulders, both of them.

I don’t remember ever hurting my shoulders in the past. But for the past couple of years they have hurt off and on. My last appointment with the doctor about my shoulders got me pain pills, but they are not working for the kind of pain I am having. X-rays revealed nothing. So if this does not get better in a couple of days I am going to have to go back to the doctor. But I really hope it will get better and I can continue working.



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