Today I did my chest workout. I had to be very careful doing exercises that involved using my shoulders, which was all of them. Working through the pain was not easy. I think the shoulder is going to be more sore than my chest later on. I will definitely be taking pain medication tonight.

Next week I will be in Louisiana for a friend’s funeral. Then I will be in Texas to visit my Dad. It will be a  break from working out unless we find a gym we can go to. But if not it will give my shoulders some time to heal.

This is my 9th week in the gym. I have lost 10 pounds and am starting to notice subtle changes in my body. Over all I am feeling pretty good. My back pain flares up sometimes though. Its just the result of the back surgery. Of course it is not nearly as bad as before the surgery. I am feeling strong.

I have to say though,  I am still not as disciplined when it comes to eating. It’s because fried foods taste so good, and so do sugary drinks. Anyway, there is nothing new in this area. I have repeatedly eaten the wrong things. I can’t seem to help it.