Threats to the Workout

Pain seems to be my constant companion. It is a very real threat to my workout regimen. Each morning when I wake up I feel something new. This morning there is a pain going down the right side of my back and under the shoulder blade. Also there is the pain in my shoulder joints. I have to be careful about how I workout today. I don’t want to injure or tear anything. I don’t want to  stop working out. If I do I many never get back in the gym.

The pain is not soreness from working out. This pain is warning me that something is not quite right. Well it won’t stop me today. And I’ll worry about tomorrow’s pain when and if it comes.

Today I’ll be working the back muscles. Not too much of a threat to my shoulders. But with the pain in my upper back I may have to take it easy. It is not a muscle pain. It’s more like a mis-alignment or something. It may even stop once I get moving around a little more.

Well here goes nothing..


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