I have not been to the gym in a very long time. It has been over 2 months now. My diet,  of course, has been absolutely ridiculous. I have not consumed proper nutrition in nearly two months as well. Am I waiting for the new year? Not really. School starts in January and I will be very busy.

Also,  I have not been to school since the summer of 2013. I stopped because my back was giving me problems. I am in culinary arts so I am on my feet a lot. It is a commercial kitchen setting. Of course I enjoy the classes and being in the kitchen but it takes a toll on my back. I have not been the same since my back surgery in 2010.

I will not let that stop me this time. I will deal with my back pain. I will finish my program, get my certificates, get my degree.

I will get back to the gym. I will probably have time after my classes. The gym is on my way home. The reason that I stopped going to the gym was because of my shoulders. I have been having severe pain in both shoulders and doing physical therapy for the last 2 months. Things do not seem to be improving. But I cannot have another surgery. I just won’t do it. I may very well need the surgery but I can’t do it until I finish school.

I’m not even sure anyone would hire me after having so many surgeries. At this point I’m not sure that I can make it through my classes. Who knows whether I can hold down a real job.