Progress, Or Not

Ok. I have not been to the gym since.. I don ‘t know when.  I have been in school since January. Culinary major; baking and pastry, at least for now. I am making breads and different types of cakes and other desserts 4 days out of the week. So, I’m not having much luck staying on any kind of health diet.

Don’t know when I will be able to get myself back on a workout schedule. I’m so tired at the end of the day I can’t even think about it. And I certainly am not eating right.

Can’t wait til next semester. I have only two classes, and I don’t have to drive so far. I won’t be so far from the gym. Also, I wont be so tired. Each of my classes will only be half a day.

I have gained a lot of weight. I’m pretty sure I have regained everything I lost this past summer.  Such a bummer.


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