Doctors Visit

I had a doctors appointment today to talk about my increasing pain. As I suspected, there is really nothing more they can do for my lower back.  He did say he’d schedule another MRI. He thinks that maybe the vertebra below my lumbar fusion may be wearing out sooner than expected. I don’t want another surgery though. In the meantime, I will be receiving a shot for the pain.

I can still go to the gym if I want, but I’m not allowed, or rather, shouldn’t perform any exercises that compress my spine in any way. So military press is out. Squats are out. Bent over rows for my back are out. That leaves me mostly isolation exercises, which aren’t necessarily able to help me burn fat.

My goal was to do exercises that used large muscle groups because it is great for stimulating hormone production and burning fat. Squats was a big part of what makes that happen.  Now I will have to find other ways to stimulate the body to produce growth hormones (testosterone).

So, anyway, it seems I will be in pain for a while. The pain is so bad sometimes I can’t sleep. And sometimes I go for days without sleep. Hopefully, the shot will help, but my back is completely whacked out.

On a good note, my motorcycle has been repaired, and I went for a ride today. On the downside, it made my shoulders and neck hurt. So I don’t think I will keep it if I can’t ride it. I love riding but I can’t stand the pain.

Oh yea, My diet is holding fast. I haven’t gained any weight resulting from not going to the gym.


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