Logging Meals

I have found that logging meals are key to my success. For the past several weeks I have had difficulty remaining true to my keto-diet. To fail on this diet is simple, consume too many carbs. And it is amazing how much weight gain happens just by adding carbs. In the last two weeks, I have put on 6 pounds. The other easy fail on the keto diet is not eating enough fat. Eating the amount of fat needed on this diet can be rather difficult. The diet doesn’t work without the fat.

What I know about myself is that I am more successful when I log the meals I eat. When I am logging my meals I am more likely to plan my meals. And planning usually goes hand in hand with success.

When I can look at the meals I have logged throughout the day it also enables me to adjust my macronutrient intake if I need to do so. If I haven’t consumed enough fat I can adjust. Or, if I have consumed too many carbs I can adjust my other nutrients to catch up.

In the last few weeks I have not been logging meals, and I have not done very well on the diet. So, beginning yesterday, I have begun again to log my meals. Even beginning to log meals is not an immediate return to success. Once you begin to consume food types you are addicted to, it is very hard to stop.

I am truly addicted to carbohydrates, such as bread, sugary snacks like cookies, or popcorn, or potato chips. So when I start in on those things it is very hard to get things under control again. For the most part, I keep these things out of the house, which is key to my success. However, sometimes when those urges come, there is nothing to stop me from jumping in my car and running down to the store for a quick fix.

Carb addiction is a real addiction and can wreak havoc on your health like any other. Damage may not happen as fast as drug or alcohol damage, but, it is happening and can kill you.

High carb, sugary diets lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other complications. So it is not just weight that I am interested in. Recovering good health is my first goal. Weight loss is just a byproduct of improving my health. If the only way I can succeed is by constantly logging and monitoring my meals then that is what I will have to do.


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