I Hate Moving! & Not Just Furniture

Today I spent my Saturday moving my son’s and daughter’s belongings to a storage facility. Next year will be my son’s last semester for his undergrad degree. He finishes in December. And my daughter will be in her second year. Their schools are not far apart, so they, well, their mom decided they are going to live together to save money.

So we took my daughter’s things, which she brought from her dorm room, and my son’s things from his current apartment, to a storage unit. And then later, when school starts, we will move their things to their new apartment. What fun.

I have never been so tired. My son had a 3rd floor unit. And there was no elevator. There was only three of us. Gabe, myself, and their step-dad, Robert. And for some reason, the new apartment is on the 3rd floor also. Why?

Toward the end of a very long day, I could not climb those stairs another time. I haven’t moved that much since the last time I was in the gym. Sadly, that was three years ago. I stayed downstairs and loaded the stuff as they brought it down.

We did take a break for lunch at Applebee’s and afterward it seemed twice as hard to do the work. I can’t believe how out of shape I am at this point. Three summers ago, I was pretty strong; going to the gym weight training, walking, biking. My how times have changed.

So now my knees, lower back, and hips are pretty stiff. I will be pretty sore tomorrow. I will definitely be sleeping in. I should probably go to the gym on Monday since I had such a long hard workout today. It would be a good opportunity to get started again.

Well, time for bed.



  1. Sounds like you had quite the moving experience! We get out of shape so easily, don’t we? I wish you all the best of luck in advance to the upcoming move to the other 3rd floor apartment.

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