My Daughter’s 21st

Kirsten (Kat) Aron Tate

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAT! Yesterday my daughter turned 21. She is of age, whatever that means. Soon she will graduate from college. In eight days, my son will be 24. He graduated last year and started his first post-college job today at a law firm. He is hoping to go to law school.


How fast they grow up. I don’t even remember my son’s 21st. Oh yeah, he was away at school. My daughter has chosen to bring this event home. I can’t remember the last time she actually wanted to celebrate her birthday. This year, she set a date and solicited gifts. I guess she feels this one was worthy of her attention. The actual party will be this coming weekend. Last night was just for family and a few friends to have ice cream and cake.

I am proud of both of my kids. They are way smarter than their mom or me. We definitely tried to instill in them that they could do whatever they set their minds to in this life. At this point, I would say they have believed us. Perhaps one day they will even do something to make the world they are inheriting an even better place. I hope so. It’s the only place they have.

So, to my daughter, Kat, and her brother, Gabe, I say Happy Birthday! to you both. You are loved and have made your parents extremely proud.

Some Party Photos



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