Yesterday’s Surgery

So, yesterday I had surgery on my left wrist to have a cyst removed. It was causing me some pain when I used my thumb or rode the bike. The first time I had it looked at about a month and a half ago the doctor drained it with a needle. However, it was back in a matter of weeks.

The surgery went as planned. My son, Gabriel, said it only took 20 minutes. From my perspective, it seems to have taken much longer. I always have had interesting experiences with anesthesia. I can’t remember anything about my unconscious time, however, I know that I enjoyed it.

My wrist was very sore once the local anesthetic wore off, and the fog of the general anesthetic wore off. He prescribes some pain meds for me. However, I did not have it filled. I almost never fill my pain med prescriptions after surgery. Extra strength Tylenol seems to do the trick. And I don’t have to worry about becoming addicted to anything.

Even though my wrist was very sore today after all the meds wore off, I don’t think there will be much intolerable pain in the next few days. I think I have a very high pain tolerance at this point in my life because of all the other pains in my body (back, neck, wrist, knees, hips). As I’ve said before, aging is not for cowards.

Anyway, I hope that this cyst will not come back. I also hope to never see anything like this in the future.

I have a new bicycle seat coming. The one that came on the bicycle, of course, is very small. It is a pain in my ass (literally). Hopefully, the new seat will add some comfort to riding the bike. Riding has not been easy. My recovery time is about four days. After riding, everything from my neck to my ankles hurt like hell. However, I am determined to get this exercise. It really helps in reducing my blood glucose.

Hopefully, I am done with surgeries for a while. I look forward to writing about something else besides pain. The fasting is going well. Weight loss is slow. The health benefits, however, are very promising.

I will continue to keep you informed. Stay tuned.


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