The Vaccine Rollout Sucks!

I have been trying to get an appointment all this week in South Carolina. I have tried with all of the pharmacies in the area. I have tried with hospitals. Today, someone sent me a message saying that there were vaccines at a church in the area. However, by the time I got there, it was all over. There had to be at least 100 cars still in line, only to be told by the cop directing traffic that there was no more vaccine. There seems to be no vaccines in the area!

I wonder if it was like this when the smallpox vaccine rolled out or any of the many other vaccines when they first rolled out. I also wonder about the people who have gotten their vaccines already. Were they the ones claiming that the virus and pandemic is a hoax? Were they one of the ones who said they don’t want the government telling them what to do? Were they one of the ones who refused to wear a mask? I’ll bet they were.

Why didn’t the city governments begin signing people up for appointments when they knew there was a vaccine coming? They could have at least had this part done. There was no plan. It seems like no one gave a single thought to the logistics. The COVID vaccine rollout is a complete disaster. South Carolina is not the only place this is happening, nor the United States the only country. There seem to be logistical problems all over the globe.

I wonder how many people will contract the disease and end up dying before the shot is available to them? I wonder how many of them will be disproportionately non-white?

I don’t like to think about that last statement, but how can I not? If the statement ends up being true, it will be partly the fault of people not trusting the government. Yesterday I talked to a black woman I know. She is not going to get the shot. She does not trust the government or the safety of the vaccines. She believes the companies that produced the vaccines did so too quickly.

I am thrilled that members of my family in Texas are planning to get vaccinated. Some of them already have. The rollout in Texas seems to be going more smoothly than here in SC. I hope to be able to get a shot soon. I have been blessed. I am in my car with at least 15 people a day driving Uber. It is just sad that I am eligible and can not find a vaccine.


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