Impact of COVID on My Family

Before talking about COVID, Monday was my 58th birthday. I got lots of happy birthday messages from friends and family, and a few gifts. And, my daughter, Kat, sent me a chocolate mousse cake. It was delicious. I’m just 2 years away from 60. I don’t know how I feel about that. But I’ll get into that some other time.

So, I’m in Texas visiting my family. In particular, I am here to see my dad. He had been sick for a few weeks and was hospitalized. He has had trouble with his throat. Unchecked gerd or & reflux. He is better now. They have a procedure where they insert a small balloon to open his esophagus. Without it, he is unable to actually get food into his stomach. It gets hung up in his throat and he ends up throwing it up.

On his release date, he happened to agree to get his COVID vaccine. My sisters didn’t know that. So, when he got home he was really weak and unable to function. It was a little scary. They thought something really serious was happening . It’s just the way he reacted to the shot. He is fine now. However, at the time it sounded very dire.

On the other hand, I had yet another cousin, M, die from COVID pneumonia two nights ago. She didn’t know she had the disease. I am told She was in the hospital on Facebook sending updates on her condition and how she felt until just before she passed. It was very unsettling.

Since December, I have had 6 family members pass away (only 3 from COVID). It has been a rough year so far for my family. Not knowing what was going on with my dad, I decided to come home. It is just for the weekend. I have one Aunt still living here, so I will definitely be seeing her before I leave. I probably wont get to see many others with such a short visit, but I will try.

I am very relieved that my dad is doing a lot better. The way things have been going, I was a little afraid. He seems strong and doing well.

My oldest sister got her vaccination yesterday, and hopefully the rest of my family will do the same. I intend to get vaccinated as soon as the shot is available. As for me being worried about the safety of the shot, I was in the Navy for 20 years. I’ve been shot up with any number things including anthrax. I’m not afraid.



  1. Tony, I am very sorry for your losses. It can get overwhelming when multiple members of the family pass, especially when it is unexpected. It has been a terrible year, and I encourage you to do what you need to to embrace your grief so you can work through it. I am happy to hear you welcome the vaccine, so get it as soon as it is available to you. Keep yourself healthy and safe. This season will pass. ❤ Love always from far away…

  2. Five more people in my family have come down with covid. Two of them had the vaccine and faired pretty well. Two we’re sick enough for hospitalization, and one had a really rough go of it. Everyone will be I think.

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